The Life Shortening Effects of Dehydration; How Much Water Should Your Dog Drink Daily?

It’s about keeping your dog healthy and happy!

It’s all about nutrients and nourishment!

Water plays a significant role in one’s body. It is the most important source of providing your nutrients as compared to proteins, carbs, fats, and minerals. Dogs naturally lose water when they sweat, pee, and even in the form of saliva. The water they lose through a natural process needs to be replenished.

So, if you have been wondering if your furry friend is staying hydrated and the importance of keeping them hydrated, here we are with amazing tips and tricks that will vanish all your worries.

Significance of Water for Dogs:

Dogs cannot comprehend the significant role water plays in their bodies. WE are their voice! They cannot just tell us when they are thirsty and that’s why we have to make sure they have it available.

A well-balanced diet is not sufficient to keep your pup healthy and happy. They need plenty of water to fulfill their everyday needs. Water plays an essential role in providing all the nutrients, and without it, your dog will not function well. He will become dehydrated over time and will get tired easily.

The American Kennel Club illustrates that water plays a vital role in the metabolic processes, including brain activity, blood flow, digestion, and breathing. The adequate consumption of water removes the harmful toxins and transports oxygen. It regulates your pup’s body temperature and helps him to grow stronger.

How Much Water is enough?

As an empirical rule, a dog must have an ounce of water daily for each pound they weigh. For instance, if your dog is 13 pounds, he must consume 13 ounces of water each day. However, the consumption may also depend on his size, age, and level of activity. A growing dog may drink more water as compared to an adult dog.

Note: Give your dog fresh & clean quality water. We recommend you get your pup a K9 Kup, for life on the go, with your pet!

Effects of Consuming Water:

Consuming enough water can remarkably change your pup’s body & behavior. He is more active, healthy, and happy.

Water provides nutrients to all the cells of the body. It helps in managing body temperatures, enhances cognitive functions, strengthens joints, and supports the spinal cord and brain of your dog.

Surprised, right?

Yes! Just like humans, dogs need water too. However, insufficient water consumption causes severe dehydration in your pup’s body, which results in an imbalance of electrolytes and dysfunctional muscles, ultimately leading to organ failure and causing death.

We do not want our fur babies to die from something we could have prevented! Take care of their body’s hydration so you can spend a long happy & active life together.

Keep Water Accessible:

Keep plenty of water readily available wherever you are and wherever you go. If you’re at home, ensure that the water bowl is completely filled with clean drinking water. If you’re playing with your pup in the garden, don't forget to grab your K9 Kup!

Frequently change the water as he contaminates it and make sure you regularly clean the bowl. The K9 Kup's advanced design allows you to do so while out on the go.

Give him cool water, especially in the hot summer.

While traveling, pack all your dog’s essential stuff, especially plenty of water, as he will need it during the trip. For comfortable traveling, get a handy water bottle designed specifically for dogs like a K9 Kup.

Note: some dogs love to drink from a toilet, which isn’t the clean source of water. Ensure that the toilet lid is closed so your furry friend will stay out of it.

Ways to Keep Your Dog Hydrated:

Keeping your pet hydrated round the clock equals to keeping him healthy and happy. Pay heed to your pup’s water consumption, especially in hot summers.

We have some simple and convenient tips that will help you keep your dog hydrated;

Place multiple water bowls in different locations of the house.

Provide clean and clear drinking water

Add water to your dog’s food.

Train your dog to drink water from water bottles.

During traveling, take breaks at every interval and allow them to have water.

Dogs love to drink from running water. Get a drinking fountain for him.

A healthy dog consumes approximately 40 ml of water per kilogram. Keep your pet well-hydrated.

You wish your sweet little pal could speak up for himself when thirsty, but he can’t. You're the one he considers his voice. So, each time you drink water, remember your dog needs water too.

However, if your dog seems tired, frequently panting, moving slower than normal, dry nose and gums, sunken eyes, and loss of appetite, consult a vet.

Facts about Water and Pup:

Here we are with a handful of amazing facts about water and the dog. Grab golden nuggets out of it, and make sure your dog is never too thirsty.

Get an attractive water bowl that catches the dog’s attention and compels him to drink water.

Keep water at hand. Carry water bottles in different styles for your convenience.

An amazing fact to note is both cold and hot seasons cause dehydration. This makes them thirstier, especially when playing outside, and this may double up the water consumption.

Dogs who drink an excessive amount of water can develop a medical condition known as water intoxication. This condition may result in breathing problems, seizures, and sometimes death.

K9 Kup has 4 features in 1. It is undoubtedly the best water bottle with a shovel to scoop up poop, and also holds the poop bags.

Be aware and pay attention to your dog’s needs. If his water intake pattern changes, don’t worry; rather, contact the veterinarian.

Last Words:

Having a new friend brings new responsibilities. You have to look after every single activity they do and be careful about the stuff you are providing them.

You have to decide which food to serve, what are the safest toys for them, teaching house rules, monitor activities, and most importantly, how to keep them well-hydrated.

Let your dog wag their tail out of happiness and hydration!

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